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trust is paramount

Trust is Paramount

Concierge Bullion is brought to you by one of the world’s most trusted precious metals dealers, rated #1 in the USA 7 years in a row for quality of our client services.

bullion market knowledge

Deep Market Knowledge

By retaining only the best bullion brokers with deep knowledge of both the precious metals market and wealth management, our advice to you is always on the money.

no excuses for poor service

No Excuses – Ever

As truly global brokers, when we promise we’ll service your bullion order we mean it. Unparalleled industry reach and buying power ensures we never have need of excuses.


Time – Your Most Precious Asset

We understand the time pressure in your daily life and acknowledge that not everyone is interested in the exact specification and detail of every bullion bar or coin they buy.

Our tailored packages are perfect for cash-rich time-poor investors who understand the need for precious metals in their portfolios but don’t want to get involved in specifics.

With custom and tailored investment packages designed by our top metals experts, your investment package can provide you with wealth protection and capital appreciation perfectly aligned with your appetite for risk.

Alternatively your concierge broker can search for best value when given a total order value to fill.

Our buying power and top-tier relationships with local and international refineries ensure a good spread of wholesale-priced metals delivered to your vaulted account, with no fuss.

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“Concierge Bullion Is the Perfect Partner For Internationalizing Assets. Your Absolute Discretion And Leveraging Of Other Offshoring Services Are Second To None”

Black Label Client – Dubai

Here For You – Day Or Night

Our specialist concierge brokers are available 22hrs a day working on trading floors across the globe meaning you can buy or sell your precious metals at a time that’s convenient to you.

Access is through a single 800 phone number with your call re-routing instantly to the best available trading floor, so your concierge broker can act immediately on your instructions.

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Ultra Secure Storage – Outside The Banking System

Our Dubai headquarters are home to one of the world’s most secure vaults, encased in concrete and steel hundreds of feet below the burning desert sands. With better vaulting than most country governments or central banks you can be assured of your investment’s safety.

And because your holdings are outside of the banking system, you are exempt from FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Account) reporting regulations.

Should offshore tax-efficiency not be one of your key driving forces we can provide fully insured delivery to any Brinks vault worldwide, any chosen depository, or indeed home delivery as required.

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“A perfect service, combining the utmost in efficiency with some genius solutions to our offshoring dilemmas”

A.M – United Kingdom